Monday, February 27, 2012

I love losing weight!

I went into the Dr's office today to weigh myself. 
(yeah, you read that right. I use the same scale every time. That scale just happens to be at the Dr)

Ready for this?

Since 12/29/2011 
I have lost

20 lbs!!!!!

Yeah, that's right.

It equals out to about 2.5 lbs/week

And all I have done differently is to eat healthier (foods as close to their natural state as possible)
Lots of fruits and veggies
and walking in the morning at least 3 days a week

That's it!
You too can do it! 
Just be confident in your ability to do anything you put your mind to

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The way to get things done!

Last night, I slept from about 7am - 11am. It's now 1:40am, and I am wide awake! No nap, just pure energy. I was put on a new med on wed, which I was to take at bedtime. Wed night found me not sleeping very well. Thurs night, same. Fri night, 4 hours in the morning. and tonight, still awake!! I called my Dr on Friday, and told him how I was feeling. I was so keyed up Thurs and Fri that I was getting worried. Fri night I couldn't sleep at all, even after I had taken my sleep meds. 2 hours later, still awake. So, I took another dose. 2 hours later, yup you guessed it. Still awake. Took a 3rd dose, but doubled it. Still to no avail.

You know the feeling when you have about 10 cups of coffee? Yup, that was me! Tonight at work I was so crazy that I was shaking. My heart was racing, but I got alot done!

So, I got home from work around 10:15pm. I sat down to watch a TV show on our TEVO, and when it was done (around 11) I totally wasn't sleepy. What did I do then? I scrubbed the bathroom with Clorox from top to bottom. Floors, walls, and ceiling. I have been looking at our bathroom ceiling since I moved in 18 months ago. It has ALWAYS had nasty mildew all over it. I couldn't take it any longer. Pulled out the ladder, climbed on up and scrubbed! It looks so pretty! I even cleaned on top and behind the water heater. SO GROSS. There were mouse turds on top of the water heater! How does that even happen?

My next project is to sand and paint my dresser black (not tonight, don't have a sander) and paint my bedroom. I have paint left over from the last time I painted my apartment, about 6 years ago. No idea if it is still good, but we will see! I think I am going to do it in a light tan (very light) it's actually called toasted marshmallow. Then there will be an accent wall of sage green. My bedroom furniture is black, and my duvet cover is chocolate. Throw pillows are sage green. I have considered going the way of my living room the last time I painted, but I would have to find a new bed set. Not that I would mind.

Look here for how my house looked with these color schemes. Right now my room is yellow, as it was the baby boy's room for the last people who lived here. I will have to putty and sand all the holes in the walls, and then prime and paint. But I am so excited to do it! It is going to look so awesome. I think I am going to do the bedroom the same as it is in the pics, and then the bathroom in the living room colors. That would be cool. That way I get both! (Guess I better make sure that this is all ok with my landlord.)

Anyone want to come paint with me? I did consider painting a really cool mural on my bedroom wall, but that would require that I have some artistic talent. Plus, I really like having my room calm and peaceful.

Alright, it's 2am, and I guess I am going to try to sleep!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sometimes I really hate medication

As many of you know, I have been struggling with severe depression for the past couple years. I found an anti-depressant that worked very well. The only problem: it was a contributing factor in my heart attack. SO, I had to switch to a different medication. I had actually already started tapering off just before the heart attack.

I made the switch to a new one, but there was a side effect that was unbearable. It caused severe dry eye and dehydration. As a result of the dry eye, I got corneal abrasions. If you want to know what they feel like, imagine the burning sensation that you get when you cut onions, add the feeling that you have a big something in your eye, and multiply the whole equation by 10. Yeah, it hurts.

I was given a steroid-antibiotic eye drop. (or several) Supposedly, the abrasions should heal about 6 weeks. However, I have to transition off of the anti-depressant and switch to ANOTHER one. Since I am still in the process of weaning off the 2nd med, the dry eye continues. I constantly put in (think every hour) this very nice eye drop called Celluvisc by Refresh. It is a thick gel that helps coat the eye. Also the steroid drops 4 times a day, and an eye ointment at night.

Needless to say, this has been terrible! But, I am on the last week of this med, so hopefully my eyes will heal in a few weeks. If you want to see what corneal abrasions look like, just google image it. Beware, it is a little disturbing.