Friday, November 30, 2007

Here we go...

Ok, so I have finally joined to vast world of blogging. I have fought it long enough, but since I crave attention, this is a new way to get it. Who knows, maybe no one will read it!

First, an update... I am still in Corvallis, although I am looking into moving to Eugene. (Yes, you read that right...the town of the ducks.) I know, it's Eugene. I am a Beaver, but commuting 1 hour each way 5 days a week really puts a dent in my already small pocketbook. However, while I drive I get to listen to some awesome talks, scriptures and the like. It definetly changes how I view the day.

Let me just say, tomorrow is December already. I can't believe how fast the year has gone. That being said, here are the highlights from the last year...
* February - tore the cartiledge in my left shoulder
* April - a quick trip to Phoenix to visit Jenna and Ryan, my best friend and her husband
* June - My 24th birthday, surgery on my shoulder, and attended my Grandma's funeral.
* August - moved out of my old apartment into my new apartment, making my parents and family do all the heavy lifting, since I was only 2 months out from surgery.
* Sept - my year anniversary at work, and I found out I was going to be an aunt to twins!!! YAY!!!
* Nov - went through the LDS temple for the first time (amazing!!!!)

That seems to be the major things. If I can't remember it, then it must not have made an impression, right?

I had to scrub the hard drive on my computer, so I don't have too many pictures. As I replace them from friends, I will add them!