Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pictures of the Sweeties!

This is Cooper!! Yeah, he looks pretty beat up. Apparently Lily Belle was kicking and punching him for the last 8 months. But, Cooper came out bigger, so Lily better watch out!
And this is Lily. She is beautiful. If you'll notice, she is pretty much unscathed. Isn't the little pink bow in her hair precious?
This is the deluxe accommodations in which my wonderful little niece and nephew currently reside. They are doing well, they just need to learn how to eat, and to gain a little bit of weight. Apparently, Cooper likes to snuggle, and Lily doesn't. He will put his little arm around her, but she squirms and moves to get away. I think this explains his bruises, don't you?
Lily is on the left, and Coop is on the right. I wish I could just lay under a huge bili light for hours at a time! It looks so warm and inviting, without all the gizmos hooked up, of course.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

They're Here!!!!!

My niece and nephew have arrived! They were born last night (actually early this morning). Lily is the oldest. YAY! She was born at 1245 AM. She is 4 lbs 6 oz, 17 inches long, and has a little bit of red hair!! Cooper was born at 1255 AM, weighing in at 5 lbs 2 oz. I don't know how long he is, my sister wasn't quite sure at 1 AM when she called my parents.

As soon as I see pics of my awesome little niece and nephew, you will too!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Utah Fun

This past weekend I did a whirlwind trip to Utah. I had several reasons for going... my roommate Tamara went through the temple, my sister had a baby shower, General Conferance, and just for fun!!

So, lets start at the top. I flew into SLC Friday morning. Tamara picked me up, and we went to a mall to do Build-a-Bears for my niece and nephew. We stopped off at Tamara's work (the Hale Center Theatre) for a quick meeting, then went serious shopping! I had to find the perfect "coolest Aunt in the world" gift. After shopping and lunch, we ran back to Tamara's to change and head into Salt Lake. Temple Square is so beautiful. I must admit the Salt Lake Temple is amazing. Especially when you consider who built it, and when. The attention to detail and imagery everywhere is amazing. After the session, Tamara's family, friends and I went out to dinner. Super fun.

Saturday morning, Tamara and I had tickets to the AM session of conferance. However, the baby shower was scheduled to start at 12, so we would have had to leave early. So, we gave the tickets to Tamara's friend Amy. So, we listened to Conferance, and went shopping. We headed to Ikea in Draper cuz the one in portland is out of stock of the lamps I want for my bedroom. So I bought them down there and carried them home.

the baby shower: my sister is such a beautiful prego woman. She is 34 weeks along, with twins, and she is amazing! She also has some pretty awesome friends and relatives down there. The shower was thrown by her mother and sisters' in law. It was very fun. And yes, I went overboard on my gift. I can't help it... Lily and Cooper totally deserve it. I found these awesome bibs and onesies that say "My Aunt Loves Me." tee hee!

Isn't she beautiful?

On Sunday, Tamara and I had tickets to the PM session of Conferance. It was so fun to see Pres. Monson and how he has truly been ordained the living Prophet today. I could really feel his power. It was awesome. We had alot of fun listening to the talks. I also had fun picking out my Uncle Wes in the Tab Choir. He sat in the back row of the tenor section, right next to the organ. He was also the tallest one!

I flew home Monday morning, in time to be only 5 min late to work. (just a few minor glitches, or I would have been on time.)

On a side note, I am considering chopping my hair. So, I am adding a poll... what do you think? I want to go short, but am a little nervous. I am thinking about a style like my sister's...hmmm.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Alright, I am finally updating! Here is a quick recap of the last 3 weeks. Painted the apartment (yes, the entire apartment) moved in, unpacked, unpacked, worked, unpacked, worked, unpacked, bought a new bookcase, unpacked... you get the idea.

So, yes, I AM A PACKRAT!!!!! I admit it. When I moved into my apartment, my parents took advantage of the opportunity to empty my stuff from their attic. For some reason I had in my brain that I only had a few boxes still in their attic. NOPE!!!! My mom brought them up, and they filled their minivan. I didn't even know what was in some of the boxes. I have finally whittled the pile of boxes down to a mere 5. They have all been opened and cataloged, just not quite sure what to do with some of it. I have 4 full boxes that are going to DI, or goodwill, wherever is closest to me.

This is the tree right outside my patio.

I love my apartment! It has a washer/dryer in it, which I haven't had for about 5 years. It is so nice not to stock pile quarters. I have my window treatments up, and bought a new bookcase. It is not just an ordinary bookcase... this bookcase is 6 feet high, and 6 feet long... beautiful!

I love Ikea. For those of you who don't know, Ikea is a home furnishing store. THey have everything you could ever need for your home. And they are cheaper than other stores. Some things are cheap, and you can tell they are cheap, but for the most part, they are just really good deals.

On another note...I have joined the Oregon Chorale! It used to be known as the Washington County Chorale, which my mother sang in when she lived here in Hillsboro. They are a community choir, but with amazing talents. This year they are touring Europe for two weeks. And no, I am not going...but next time!! The concert will be on June 7 & 8, so mark your calendars. I would love to see any and all of you at either concert! You will not be disappointed. More info to follow as I learn it!

I apologize for the tiny litte photos, but that is what you get when all you have is a cell phone camera. But, a digital camera is on the list for after my house is all done!