Friday, November 21, 2008

Here we go again!

So, a lot has happened since last month. First and foremost, I got fired! Yep, you read that right. Apparently, it took work 26 months to decide that I don't fit. Hmm, interesting. Anyhoo, so now I am looking for something else.

Frankie is still in the auto body shop. It took 2 weeks for the insurance adjuster to look at her, and then he left about half of the repairs off! He told me he had approved all the repairs, and that he had left a check at the repair shop, and all I had to do was sign it when I picked Frankie up. Well, then the awesome repair shop called me, and said that they noticed he didn't really approve ALL the repairs. So, they filed for a re-inspesction. Thankfully, that happened the very next day, and this time, they did include everything. Now we are just waiting for the parts to come in, and then I will get her back. That means I won't be driving my own little car until the middle of december. Aaaagh! a total of 6 weeks in this rental car.

On the headache front, still have a headache. Surprise, Surprise. I have been working with my dr's doing all sorts of not fun tests...CT Scan, MRI, a ton of blood work, several different meds, and finally a spinal tap (well, 2 of those). The current result is that I don't have any tumors, brain bleeds, serious infections, or any other major disease. As my neurologist put's just a headache, albeit a bad one. But now we can treat it as such, without worrying that we are missing something big.

So that is me now. Not much fun, but it is my life.