Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No Pain...No Gain

So, you know the saying "no pain/no gain" right? Well, I am hoping that is true. I have switched to a new physical therapist for my shoulder. I have been having pain since my surgery, and the doctors have not been able to give me satisfactory answers. On top of that, my insurance company cut off my PT visits, cause they limit visits per year. Anyhoo, my doctor managed to find a way to get me more visits, and that is to switch therapists. (Physical, not mental) :)

I had my first visit today, and I am feeling it. He gave me some answers, which I am thankful for. Basically, he said that my shoulder had not healed in the proper position. This is not anyone's fault, mainly it is due to my terrible posture. But that is another subject altogether. However, he did say that he had a treatment that might help, but that it would be painful. I asked for pros & cons, and he gave them. I decided on the spot to try it, no matter how painful, because I need to try everything I can.

He wasn't lying...the treatment was painful. The way this works, is basically this...my shoulder healed in the wrong position, so they need to break down the scar tissue and allow it to reheal properly. How do they break down the scar tissue, you ask? By intense pain. He has this tool that strips the muscles. I could HEAR and FEEL the tissue ripping and tearing in my shoulder. When the bruises appear, I will post pictures. And to make it worse, I get to do this multiple times. Hopefully it will work.

As for me, I get to grin and bear it, as I cannot have any anti-inflammatory drugs due to the fact that I will be have a CT Arthrogram of the shoulder next week, and they will interfere with the scan. I do get to use ice, 12 hours after this treatment. Perhaps its time to invest in a quality icepak. (Hmmm, christmas present idea?)


Zach 'n' Jack said...

ooooh man I am SO SORRY. honestly, my shoulder is having these tweaks of pain as I read your post. OW. I am really sorry!! By the way, THANKS FOR WATCHING THE BOYS! How about payback - we treat you to TSO next year since you've done it 2x for us? I guess we will have to find someone else for next years concert :-)

Shauna said...

I'm so glad I found your blog from the Glasmann's page. Now I can keep up on all that you are doing. I hope things get better with your shoulder. It sounds painful.