Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally, justice

So, the saga finally has continued. You might remember back to November, when I was fired. Shortly after, I filed for unemployment benefits. Several weeks went by, with no decisions. Finally, I was contacted by the state unemployment office. They were conducting an investigation, because my former employer was challenging my eligability. Based on their answers, the state chose to deny me benefits. I appealed, and finally was informed of when the telephone hearing would be. I called in on the day of the hearing, and shortly after being connected with the judge, the states phone system hung up on all of us. After 40 minutes of trying to reconnect, we finally got the hearing rescheduled. The hearing finally occurred on February 4th.

The results of that hearing were finally delivered to my mailbox on Saturday, February 7th. I say finally because it seemed to take much longer than it actually did. The appeals judge ruled in my favor, declaring that despite what my former employer tried to claim, I am eligible for unemployment benefits. Needless to say, this takes something of a weight off my mind. I won't feel pressured to accept any minimum wage job that cmes along. I will be able to pay my rent and my bills, while still being able to relax a little and look for a good job.

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