Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well, the fireside is over! I am happy that it went so well. The soloists did wonderfully, and the choir was great! We even had an audience. I heard the audience estimate was about 75, not shabby for a singles ward that doesn't attend firesides! There were also several non-members there, which was very nice to see. The spirit was strong, so hopefully some were touched.

Now it is on to the next big thing. This weekend, my mother and her husband fly in for a visit. This coincides with our spring concert for the Oregon Chorale. (For those of you who don't know, she also sang with the Chorale many years ago.) The concerts are: Saturday June 6, at Bethel Congregational Church in Beaverton at 7pm, and Sunday June 7, at St. Matthews Church in Hillsboro at 7:30 PM. Come if you can! This concert is all music Northwest Composers. Every piece was written by someone who lives in the Northwest (IE Oregon, Washington) or someone who was born here in the Northwest. Many of the composers will be in the audience. I am excited, it is definitely going to be a fun concert.

Oh yeah, one other small piece of news... I got a job. At Toys R Us, part time, as a cashier. But money is money, right? And in other news... oh wait, that's all I've got!!

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Kate the Great said...

WHHHHHHHEEEEEEEE! You got a job! That is wonderful... and you're right, money is money... and you get to play with toys!

Glad everything else is going well too.