Saturday, February 16, 2008


Okay, okay, okay. I know it has been a LONG time since I last posted. That is because I haven't really had anything to say. But, decisions have finally been made, and now I can fill everyone in.

Most important : I am moving to Hillsboro, OR. For those of you who don't know where that is, get a map! No, it is a suburb of Portland, OR. I have been working up in Hillsboro with Metro West Ambulance since January. I haven't moved yet because I was waiting to hear on a conditional job offer for the City of Eugene.

For a quick recap: I applied back in Sept or Oct of last year. I tested in the end of October for a 991 call taker position. Nov 1st I interviewed with the city. Nov 3 I turned in the background check information. Dec 27th I passed the background and went on to the psychological exam. (yeah, I tried to just tell them up front that I was crazy, but it didn't work.) The psych eval was 4 hours of answering inane questions with true/false and varying degrees of the same test. Jan 11, met with the psychologist to discuss the answers to said inane tests. And finally, last Monday, found out that the psychologist deemed me "profile not right to enter academy at this time."

Basically, he profiled me, and then compared my profile to those who have been successful in the field. Apparently, I am crazy! But hey, y'all already knew that. Really, apparently the Lord has a different idea of where I should be right now.

So... this means that I am now apartment hunting...again. I have amazing friends in hillsboro who (for some strange reason) let me crash at their house while I am working. They have 2 adorable kids, and I love being able to come home to them! They make this transition time bearable. Anyhoo, I am looking for an apartment. I have decided to take my time and make sure that I am getting into a good place. I want this to last for longer than 6 months, so I will be wary in what I choose.

Also, I received a promotion (of sorts) at work! It is a promotion, but really without a pay increase. My hourly wage goes up, but my paychecks stay about the same because the hours are different. Beginning March 3, I will be working M-F 1030 to 630. (now I work 3-12 hour shifts one week, and 4 the next ) It is really fun to be in an office where my talents are appreciated, and that appreciation is expressed. It is a new experience, as the office where I previously was did not do any of that. But that is a whole other story that would take hours to tell.

Here are some of the bonuses...
* Hillsboro is where I lived for the first 8 years of my life, so this is sort of like coming home.
* It is only 30 minutes away from the Portland Temple
* I have awesome friends currently in Hillsboro
* I work with a great bunch of people
* I have relatives (both immediate and extended) within a few hours of me
* I get to babysit Keegan and Kayden anytime I want (which makes their parents go out!)
* Shopping! (Ikea, malls, jewelry stores, yes, I have an addiction)
* My best friend's family is in the area, so I get to see them more

Okay, enough of that for now. As soon as I get my new address, I will let you know!


Dan and Julianna Mortensen said...

We had a ton of fun last night, thanks so much for coming up. We deffinately have to do that more often!

Zach 'n' Jack said...

Hey, if babysitting the K's is a bonus to you, rock on!! We love having the opportunity to get out a little more :-) Really, thanks for always insisting that we get out, it has been so wonderful! I'm glad you will be around - and not just for your babysitting skills :-)

The GLASMANNagerie said...

What is a 991 dispatcher? Who knew when this whole process started that you would end up there. It has taken a while, but the Lord has DEFINITELY had his hand in it. Besides, Jackie is thrilled to finally have a babysitter. How Fun!