Friday, January 9, 2009

Holiday Recap

Yep, I'm back! I kinda went berserk with all the snow and crazy weather, and called my parents in desperation. They came and picked me up the Tuesday before Christmas. Yay!! (btw, it took 3.5 hours to get from Salem to Portland, normally a 40 min drive.) Gotta love the weather. Anyhoo, had a great Christmas with the fam, then the next day, we all (Dad, Mom, Me, Janina (the exchange student), Anna, Katie, and Kiri all got into the van and drove to Boise to have a late Christmas with the entire family. Yes, the twins came too. They are so adorable!!

By the time I got back into portland, the snow had melted, yay!! Then, after a major pity party which involved me lying in my bed, totally in tears, feeling ultimately sorry for myself, my awesome roommie came home randomly. She had been down in Corvallis at her folks, and had run up to Portland to get some things for her sis. Anyhoo, she walked in the door at the exact right time. I hauled myself outta bed, and went out to talk to her. About 15 min after that, I repacked a bag and we were headed back down to Corvallis. Spent New year's eve and day with the Glasmann's (my other family, I guess) and then back to Portland I went!!

Oh yeah, it is now official, so I can share. No, not getting married, or anything crazy like that. I officially have a calling in my ward. Not just one, but two!!! Wait for it... Yep, I am the Ward Chorister and the choir director! Shocking. Not really. So, here we go again! It seems my life is always steeped in music somehow. Not that I am complaining, because I totally love music.

This Sunday should be fun, since I not only get to direct the music, I also get to speak. And there ends my 13 year run of good luck. I have not spoken in Church since I was 12. Amazing, huh? That is what moving around alot does, as long as you don't tell anyone you are leaving until the last sunday you are there...then they don't have time to get you to speak!

I might post my talk, if I feel like it, after sunday, and if it is any good. We'll see.

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