Monday, December 22, 2008

And the storm continues...

Okay, on the left is Monday Dec 15, and on the right is Monday Dec 22. What a differance a week makes!

And yes, at this moment, it is still snowing.

I even took the opportunity to make a Dr Pepper snowcone! I know, only kids eat snow...but I couldn't resist!

I took another walk to the temple. (I just love that I can do that!) They were trying to clear as much of the parking lot and sidewalks as they could, but the snow kept coming down. They hadn't gotten to the sidewalks when I was there, so in order to get some of the photos, I was tromping thru over a foot of snow. It was up to the middle of my shins.

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Peggy Glasmann said...

I love the picture by the pool. It looks like there are people under towels or blankets. Weird!! Hey if you want or can come down, we will pay for gas. Just let us know!