Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have needed a haircut for a LONG time (just ask my hairdresser!) So, I finally called and made an appointment. First off, let me say:
secondly, allow me to say that I have been vacillating between growing my hair out, and cutting it back to the super short sassy do that I had for a while. Literally, I was in agony trying to decide what to do. I texted many, and many responded...equally! So, I showed up to my appointment and said "AAARGH!!" She laughed and had me sit down.
Now, for those who may not have seen me recently, my hair had made it to my shoulders (an incredible feat) and was just blah. So I either had to keep it long, but give it shape, or chop it off. It was suggested to shave it, which had crossed my mind many times.
Finally I told Barbara to make me look good, whichever way she chose to cut it.

Good Choice!

She always knows what I want, even if I don't! Amazing! So, I have my sassiness back, and I don't feel like I have to always put my hair up!


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Meikjn said...

it makes me want a hair cut. I like it. it suits you.