Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter...and a blog about firsts (for a second time)

Happy Easter to all! I am so grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ and for the sacrifice He made for each of us here on earth. The gospel of Jesus Christ has truly been restored on the earth, and the Atonement of the Lord is a very real, powerful thing. He lives! He loves, and He will return again.

This Easter sunday finds me finishing my first week of being a full time student again. It amazed me how easy I slipped back into "student" mode. But I don't remember liking school so much. I seem to remember dreading going to class. Maybe that was because I never really did homework. Or maybe I did, but have blocked it from my memory. Oh well...moving forward, right? First day of class found me really nervous. For no reason!

This term I am taking 3 classes (yes, 3, and it constitutes full time.) I am on campus Monday through Friday, but only in the mornings. I have a great class on Hans Christian Andersen. Yes, you read that right...I get to read fairy tales for my homework. I am also taking a criminology class, Intro to Juvenile Justice. Absolutely fascinating. My final class will be a challenge, not content wise, but on the teaching style. This class will be a great exercise in holding my tongue. American Studies (university required... 'nuf said.)

I am still working with the middle school musical, WHICH I LOVE!!! These kids are so amazing! They want to work, have talent, and are just a blast to work with. Not to mention the incredibly cool women that I get to work with to make this show happen. Can I just say that I have found my calling? I am meant to be a music teacher. I realized that I am happier when I am working with the kids, and learning from them as well. They face so much in the world these days, and they seem to hold up really well.

If you are interested in witnessing this production for yourself, simply go to for tickets. They are $7.50 each, and the show will be at West Linn High School's fantastic auditorium. The show opens April 15, showing the 15th, 16th, and 17th (matinee and evening) and 19th and 20th. Come! You will not be disappointed.

Well, TTFN! I really should do some homework before I head to bed!

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