Monday, January 16, 2012

Sometimes it is time to say Goodbye

I haven't felt or had the energy to actually clean my room for several months. 
It basically looked like this (this is not my room, but an example)

I hadn't made my bed in about 3 months. 
I would do laundry, and then leave it in the baskets and dig through it when I wanted to get dressed. 

I finally couldn't stand it any longer. Going along with my season of changes, I decided to change my room

I got rid of the following:

8 bags of clothes
3 bags of shoes (yes, shoes. I know)
2 bags of sheets
VCR + tapes
1 bag of garbage
1 bag of recycling

It was amazing how all of my clothes fit in my closet and dresser.
I finally decided I could part with almost all the clothes in the closet, because I didn't even wear them!
I even color coded my closet. 
And my dresser.


Brady and Brittney said...

It feels so good to clean up sometimes.... sometimes. I often feel like it's the little things than can bring peace to my life. Like making the bed. It's the biggest item in the room so if it's clean... .the room feels clean. I don't know.

Katie Curtis said...

You inspire me.