Monday, June 4, 2012

another year older...

Saturday was my birthday.
I turned 29.

I am now 363 days away from being 30. 
I know, I know, just enjoy being 29, but that thought is in my head!

It was a pretty good birthday. I worked all day, (even wore the stupid birthday crown and balloon that we give to the kids at work.) and then my sister Anna came up from Salem on the train, and we played!!! We went to the Oregon Chorale concert (simply wonderful), headed to Gustav's for the after party (SO GOOD!), then came home and enjoyed a movie (Joyful Noise).

You know, there is nothing like having a super fabulous choir sing you "Happy Birthday" in like, a bazillion part harmony. I went back to see my friends during intermission, and when I walked in a few of them yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and then I hear "We must sing to you." So they start it out and everybody just joins in. I am sure half of them weren't sure who they were singing to, since they were around the corner, but they all sang anyway. I loved it. I really miss singing with that group. I will be back among their ranks in the fall, thank goodness. 

The weekend was pretty much just Fun! Anna stayed over until Sunday evening, and we just hung out. Made super yummy food (of course.) Sadly, we didn't take ANY pictures of the weekend! We played with baby goats, ate, took naps (well, I did anyway) watched movies, and just enjoyed each other's company. I am excited to spend time with her (and ALL my sisters) again this coming weekend as we come to celebrate Kiri's high school graduation!

Man, that makes me feel old. I graduated 11 years ago. Now she is graduating! Kristel and the kids are coming as well, all the way from Utah. It's pretty much going to be a fun weekend. I am sure there will be lots of food. I hope so. I love food. But I digress.

I haven't seen Lily and Cooper (niece and nephew) in just under 2 years. WAY TOO LONG!! They are getting so big and grown up! We skyped on Sun, and they sang happy birthday to me. So fun.(I notice I like that word alot. Fun. Fun. it just makes me happy.)

Wow, stream of consciousness here. Welcome to my brain.

Celebrate another year gone!

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