Thursday, June 21, 2012

Days that make you say "Ah"

Today I had the wonderful experience of being a part of a special experience for a young girl and her mother. It all started on Tuesday.

Tuesday Morning @ Toys
"Good Morning, Tigard Toys R Us, how may I help you?"
The woman on the other end of the phone line asks me to look for a specific bike. We don't have it. 
I find it at another Portland location, ready to go like she wants. I offer to ask them to hold it until she can get there to pick it up.

That's when she says "I am calling from Oklahoma."

She then proceeds to tell me the following story:
She has a friend from high school (many years ago) who has a 12 year old daughter. Mom is Kelly, daughter is Sophie. Kelly saved up for almost a year to purchase one of the higher end bikes for her daughter. 1 month after Sophie got the bike, it was stolen. The woman on the phone (Kendell) wants to replace the bike. Kelly does not have the time or the resources to drive out to the other store to pickup the bike. 

I call the other location and ask if they can transfer the bike to our store. They are willing to. (It can take up to 3 weeks for the bike to get to our store. I tell them to go ahead and start the transfer. I get back onto the phone with Kendell and explain how it's going to happen. Once we had the bike in our store, I would call her back and we would take payment over the phone and then arrange with Kelly and Sophie to come pick it up. She agrees, and we hang up,

Tuesday afternoon
I get a call from the manager of the other store, who tells me she will be bringing the bike over that afternoon in her personal car since she needs to come to our store anyway. Awesome. I call Kendell back and tell her the good news. I told her I would call her Thursday when I work again and take payment and arrange pickup. She is amazed and grateful.

Thursday morning (today)
I check to make sure the bike is here and spiffy. It is. I call Kendell and take payment and get the information for Kelly and Sophie. She can't believe that her plan has actually worked!
I get off the phone with her, and call Kelly. I introduce myself and tell her we have a bike for her to pickup. She tell's me that Kendell had emailed her and told her to expect my call. While crying, she asks if they can come in to pick it up while I am there. I let her know that I will be here until 4 pm. 

Thursday 3:30pm
Mother and daughter walk into the store. They walk over to an employee and ask for me. I am pointed out, and they come over. "Are you Sophie?" I ask the girl. She breaks into a huge smile and says yes. "Well then, I have something for you." I call to the back and ask them to bring up the bike. Sophie can barely stand still, and Mom is trying not to cry.
The bike is wheeled up to the front of the store. Sophie sees it and squeals. On the front of the bike is a sign "Dear Sophie, Keep on rockin', Love Kendell" (I know, I am a sucker for a good magical story.) Mom is shaking and crying. (ps, it's a really cool bike) I get a hug from Sophie, and Kelly asks if she can take my picture with Sophie and the bike. Of course! (it's a little embarrassing, but what can I say?)
We talk for a little while, letting Sophie check out her new bike. Sophie and Kelly both give me a hug and head out the door. Wow.
Yes, I cried a little. 

And that is why I love my job. 


Abby's Adventures said...

This is what keeps us all going. Nice job. Period.

Katie Curtis said...

Nice to hear stories like that!!