Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Well, it's a new year! Let me just say that I am hoping that this year will be better than 2012. Last year was incredibly difficult. Some of it was my own making, some of it was body chemistry, and some of it was just life circumstances. But anyway, here are some highlights (the good stuff)

Jan - Redecorated my room
Feb - Lost 20 lbs, reorganized my house
March - diagnosed Bipolar II
April - new glasses!!!!
May - Got a new to me piano (just piano-sitting her)
June - turned  29
July - promotion at work (Human Resources Dept Supervisor), started dating a GUY!! (say what?!?!?)
August - Harvested garden and THE OLYMPICS!!!
Sept - work started getting busier
Oct - Broke up with said guy, work got even busier!
Nov - Work was all I did!
Dec - had my 29.5 birthday (Agh!) and a nice quiet Christmas!

Ok, that's not much, but that's the most of it! Happy New Year everybody!

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Tricia said...

I like the concise rundown of your year. Good to see how you are doing. Good luck to you in the coming year!