Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello, I'm Megan

Just thought I would introduce myself. Now that it's been 4 months, I think you might have forgotten who I am!

I have been so scattered lately that I haven't even thought about posting! I am lucky I remember to post on my sister Katie's Mission Blog, that I don't even think about this one!

So it's April, the month of showers. I was reveling in the beautiful sunshine of March and then it gave way to April. I hate the cold and wet now! I just want to go play in my garden!

What have I been doing in the last 4 months? Working. Trying to cram 2 job descriptions into the time allotted for 1. When I am not working, I am reading! My crazy reading kick got started by my decision to re-read the Harry Potter series again (for the 12th time.) I plowed through all 7 books in 13 days. Then I decided to go through most of the books I own and re-read them. I just started borrowing books from the library again.

I got a new roommate, her name is Shannon. She started off quiet, but I have warmed her up! :) It's nice to have a roommate who will actually spend time with me! We have started sunday night game nights, and inevitably end up sitting on the couch chatting and working in the evenings. (It probably helps that the internet access is in the living room, since I can't figure out how to get our wireless working.)

I am having knee surgery on the 23rd. They are going in to fix a tear in my meniscus. I am betting on 6 weeks on crutches, so that way if it ends up being shorter I will be pleasantly surprised! I will be taking 2 weeks off work (yay) just chilling out and resting.

Yeah, not that exciting of a life. Catch ya later!

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