Saturday, May 3, 2008

The New Do

Well, I finally bit the bullet, and chopped off my hair! Not only did I chop it, but I colored it as well. My hair was turning an unhappy brown, while my entire life I have been a red head. So, I went back to red! What do you think?

I know, it is a self portrait, so it's not that hot. Yep, its short! I love it. I drove all the way down to Corvallis to have my hair dresser do it. She was so excited. The whole time she just kept saying "This is going to be awesome, it is looking so good!" I think she was more excited about my do change than I was. The back is a little shorter, ok alot shorter. the shortest layer is just one finger width long.


Tamara said...

sexy lady. when do i get to see pics of your house?

Machelle said...

You look marvelous my darling! I love it!