Friday, May 16, 2008

Running Away...

Last week I had a somewhat embarrassing breakdown at work. This resulted in my boss giving me a couple of days off. SO, I took the time and ran away to Utah. Lily and Cooper both came home last week, so they were there!! I got to hold and love those precious little babies. I also had to fight with my other sisters, mom and dad for baby time. Funny, there are two, and still not enough to hold!!

Cooper ways over 7 lbs now, and Lily is over 6! Yay! They are growing. It is fun to see their separate personalities, even though they are still so little.

This is Lily. She loves to have her arms up and out. Even swaddled, she will find a way to get her arms out!

And Cooper is just a cute little chunk! He likes to sleep. He is good at it too! How can you not fall in love wih these two?